We know that innumerable gay people go mad when watching

That is why, in the whole series but especially in the first episodes, we find significant departures from the original which affect both the content and the style of the dialogues which lose part of their sarcastic witticism.

I have often wondered if homosexuality could be caused by clinical depression because We know that innumerable gay people go mad when watching who are clinically depressed, especially as children and adolescents end up doing things that most people who aren't depressed wouldn't.

Haiduc4 July UTC. This beautiful young woman broke into a big smile, and was obviously relieved. Whatever the causal route, however, none of this implies, whatsoever, that sexual orientation is a choice.

We know that innumerable gay people go mad when watching

In innumerable studies, scientists have documented that these sex differences are largely impervious to learning and found in every culture examined even, some researchers believe, in youngsters of other primate species. Dubbing and redubbing by C.

And what does it have to do with the word homophobia? Let's focus on the rights themselves. The entire article is nothing but pro-homosexual POV pushing. I know there's been this long, drawn-out debate here on the talk page, and in an editing tug-of-war, but really, I think we can manage better than this.

We know that innumerable gay people go mad when watching сделано. Почти

For the moment, I'll remove the ABC connections to the article tomorrow because your own definition of the word view lacks neutrality by the standards of public broadcasting which I suspect wiki would agree with. And I strenuously object to this article being moved to either of the above-mentioned new names.

Rhobite20 November UTC.

As for gender-related issues, what is interesting in Six Feet Under is that, whenever possible, an Italian heterosexual discourse is superimposed to the English homosexual one. If this kind of allusion, as defined by Leppihalme , in an audiovisual text are less than explicit or if they hint at people and characters who are not familiar to the target culture, Italian adaptations tend to erase this important feature of speech, thus making the idiolect less clear and defined, as can be seen in the films and TV series mentioned below.

Additionally, homophobia, "fear of the same", would imply that I find things of the same to be frightening. Who are these people in the scientific community who don't agree with this view? In this sense, for example, as we have seen with Six Feet Under , pilot episodes and first seasons in general, as well as programmes broadcast in prime time, tend to be more censored than others, probably because they have yet to build an audience and that audience has to be as large as possible in the first instance.

Bea Lewis is a journalist, an author, and a popular speaker on the South Florida lecture circuit.

We know that innumerable gay people go mad when watching

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