The worst anti- gay laws in the world

Unequal age of consent laws for same-sex couples. Sexual conduct between women musahaqah is punishable with up to 40 strokes with whips and prison terms of up to 10 years article Allowed since []. Joint adoption allowed. LGBT groups have been denied the right to hold pride marches under anti-propaganda laws and well-publicised events that have been held have been disrupted by violent thugs.

Patricia Todd State representative, 62, lesbian. Illegal Penalty: 74 lashes for immature men and death penalty for mature the worst anti- gay laws in the world although there are recorded cases of minors who were executed because of their sexual orientation. No specific prohibition of same-sex marriages or unions.

De jure : Not specifically outlawed Penalty: Up to 4 years in jail or death [78] [79]. Marriage 2. Bans all anti-gay discrimination [] [] [] [] [].

Места слева the worst anti- gay laws in the world

In Septemberthe Government passed Federal Decree No 4, a series of changes to reduce doctors' criminal liability. The United States came in it 24 out of countries, but it still has a long way to go when it Rings indicate areas where local judges have granted or denied marriages or imposed the death penalty in a jurisdiction where that is not otherwise the law or areas with a case-by-case application.

UK responsible for defence. On May 20, the worst anti- gay laws in the world, the Court of Appeal in Tunis ruled in favor of Shamsfinding that the government did not have grounds to shut the organization down.

At least four transgender women were killed there in , and at least 57 have been killed there since After the left-leaning president, Manuel Zelaya, was ousted in , LGBT murders soared ; have taken place since the coup. There are 73 countries — mostly in the Middle East, Africa and Asia — where homosexual activity between consenting adults is illegal, according to Equaldex , a collaborative LGBTI rights website.

Constitutional ban on de facto unions since The Civil Marriage Law allows same-sex couples to enter civil marriages and affords them the same legal marital protections as different-sex couples, including adoption rights and pension benefits.

The worst anti- gay laws in the world

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